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Michika Mochizuki/望月ミチカ






2017年10月、ソーホーのブロードウェイにあるGallery Max New Yorkにて写真個展を開催するなど、幅広く活躍中。


Michika Mochizuki is a Japanese Photographer who has worked in New York and Japan.


Born in Nagoya in 1969. After graduating from junior college in 1990,


She joined TOA Studio by Fujicolor Laboratory. In addition to studio shooting at 4 × 5, engaged in monochrome printing.

From 1992 to 1996 She worked as an editing and photographer at the editorial production.


In 1996 She became independent freelance photographer.


Traveled to NY in 2001 for shooting, moved to NY in 2002. Currently based in NY, while coming back and forth between Japan.


The main work is mainly fashion magazines and portraits, travel reports, advertisements, etc.

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